Meet the Landlord

I have worked in property for around 15 years. It started when I purchased a harbour side apartment in St Ives, Cornwall. I think I must quite like the idea of owning property by the sea as shortly after buying the top floor flat I purchased the unit underneath it. At the time it was just an open space so I converted it into a two-bed apartment. At this point I was asked if I would be interested in buying the commercial unit on the ground floor. This would mean I owned the whole building which would make things a lot easier. So, I did. The only complication with buying the commercial unit was that it was being run as a Wimpy (remember them?) at the time.  So, I now owned a fast food take away but didn’t have a clue about how to run one! I learnt a lot very quickly, but overseeing a business from over 300 miles away while holding down a national sales manager role was very challenging. Having spent most of the week driving round the country with a demanding job, I then spent the weekends doing 600-mile round trips to Cornwall to run another business.

After a few years of running the business I decided that I needed a bit more time to myself. The only way I could get this would be to regretfully let the unit out. It is now run as a top end food outlet and it is an extremely successful business.

The top floor flat is now a holiday let managed through St Ives Holidays achieving bookings of around 45 weeks each year.The flat below is now a buy to let. It has had the same tenant for nearly 8 years so I think he likes it.

The intention was always to spend more time working with property and two years ago I took the plunge and joined a franchise group called Platinum Property Partners. They are an award-winning company who pride themselves in giving total support to their partners, and help them develop the sort of homes tenants will love to live in.

I have a very simple philosophy when it comes to being a landlord. I ask a simple question. Would I want to live in one of my houses? I strive to ensure the houses I own and let, whether they be holiday let, buy to let or HMO’s are of the highest standard. I do not believe in the idea that as a landlord you should simply “let it and forget it”.

Away from property I love to watch sport. I seem to be past the point of really playing it! I am an Arsenal season ticket holder and go to all home and some away games. I also have a keen interest in cricket and F1 and love to potter round the garden though I must admit I don’t have a great understanding of any plant names or what needs doing to them! I love spending time in the gym, and see a trainer once a week to ensure I keep in shape. I have recently taken up parachuting although after a hard landing on my last jump  I am now nursing a rather damaged knee. Shall we say this is work in progress.I also love going into London and seeing either a film or something at the theatre.

I have been fortunate in that I have been able to do a lot of travelling over the years. Through work I must have visited every corner of the UK a few times over. I have spent a year working and travelling through Australia and New Zealand and have been fortunate to have seen many other countries along the way. I still have a long bucket list of places I would love to visit and am slowly working through it.

Thanks for reading this. Hope it helps dispel the myth about landlords not caring about tenants.  I Know many landlords and I have yet to meet one who does not want the very best for their tenants.